How to Stop Spam e-mail in Your Mail-Box

If you post your email address on the net, chances are it will fall in the hands of spammers. Once you're on a mailing list, your email address is going to get sold and resold to millions of spammers.

1. You should always set your junk mail filter settings to accept email only from your specified white-list of contacts.

2. When signing up at companies that don't really need your personal info, I submit fake names, date of births, etc. A lot of these companies will send you an email to verify your email address. You still don't need to give them a real one -- you can use services like Guerilla Mail for temporary disposable addresses!

The idea is dead simple: go to the website, it gives you a random e-mail address that’s good for one hour, and links to nothing else. Register for sites or whatever with it, and then never worry about it again.

3. Never, ever reply to a spam message. This includes buying a product that is for sale or clicking the often-misunderstood "unsubscribe" link, which actually informs your spammer that you exist. If you can tell from the subject line that a message is spam, don't open it — delete it. Spam subject lines usually promise you a better sex life, a more youthful appearance, prescription drugs without a doctor's approval, love, thicker hair, or a better mortgage rate. They also use attention-demanding punctuation, such as exclamation marks or all caps.

4. Don't click any links in a spam email. Spammers often have multiple, unique pages on their sites. Often, when you click a URL in a spam message, this tells the spammer that you — and only you — received the message he or she sent.

5. Don't forward an email from someone you don’t know to a list of people. You remember those "forward this email to 20 of your friends" messages? They are perfect for spammers to harvest email addresses, even if the sender of the original email did not have this intent. These types of sign-and-forward emails often appear in the form of a petition — and they don’t work.

6. Don't post your email address on a public forum or website. Since posting the address on the header of this site, the amount of junk mail to has increased 10-fold! (it was an interesting experiment)

Hopefully that should keep you out of harms way!
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